Exterior Remodeling

New style villa patio with pattern carpet and rattan furniture set

Make your home the crown jewel of the cul-de-sac.

Everyone takes pride in their home, no matter the size of the dwelling, or how long it has been around. Take your pride and love for your home to the next level and give it the update it truly deserves. If you’re ready to get started on a renovation project, the outdoor remodeling professionals at Lord Building & Design have you covered. We understand that your house has potential that’s just itching to come through the faded paint and chipped siding, and with our services, you can get your property to live up to that potential.

Call us today to schedule a consultation. Our professionals are happy to meet you at your house to look over the property and suggest areas for improvement. We always put your needs and goals first, so the end results meet your expectations.


Many homeowners doom themselves to spend their time indoors, even when they have a sizable front or backyard. Our goal is to bring life to these spaces so you can enjoy every inch of your property. With our solutions, you can create an outdoor space to:

  • Relax
  • Cook Outdoors
  • Entertain Friends
  • Spend Quality Time With Family
Grill and white garden furniture on wooden floor of terrace with plants and black brick wall

To get inspiration for your next project, talk to our outdoor remodeling experts today. We can explain what’s possible within your outdoor areas.

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Is your home’s siding in need of replacement? We offer exterior siding services to give your home the look you want and the protection it needs. Lord Building and Design services West Bloomfield, MI and the surrounding area. Contact us to request an appointment today. 

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